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Reactivity: Fish gelatin cannot be used with avidin-biotin detection systems due to endogenous biotin.
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    Fish Gelatin Fast Blocking Kit [Powder]
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    Blocking agents work by covering the unoccupied areas of the membrane using a dense layer of molecules. Blocking agents are molecules that can be used to prevent nonspecific binding of primary and secondary antibodies in downstream steps. Fish gelatin does not contain serum proteins that cross-react with mammalian antibodies, potentially making it a better choice than BSA due to less background. Fast Blocking Particles are white/yellow. The main ingredient is fish gelatin protein which has been carefully treated. This product is used in the antibody blocking of Western Blot. The fish gelatin is compatible with most proteins, providing excellent reaction performance and compatibility. Protocol The configuration steps: 1. Measure about 50mL distilled water into the beaker and place a magnetic agitator in the beaker; 2. Put the beaker on the magnetic stirrer,add the whole contents of 1 bag Fast Blocking particles slowly, and stir the solution 2 minutes until it is dissolved completely; 3. Add distilled water the blocking solution in step 2, and fix the volume to 100 mL. The Blocking steps: 1. After transferring, put the PVDF into the hybridization incubation box and add 10-20ml 1×TBS-T to cover overload,and incubate at room temperature for about 15 min on a table top horizontal shaker; Note: The blocking effect of this product for 15 min is significantly better than that of conventional BSA for 1 h. The blocking time can be extended to 30-60 min for antibodies with high background. 2. The blocking PVDF can be used for subsequent experiments such as primary antibody incubation.
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  • Immunogen
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    TBS-T buffer.
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    The Kit has been premixed with TBS-T;Constant volume to 100mL using distilled water; Refer to the protocol.
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    Fish gelatin cannot be used with avidin-biotin detection systems due to endogenous biotin.
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    Store at RT for 24 months.
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